Oh, Hollywood.

It seems this project will finally answer that age-old question:  What happens when an argument…goes BAD?

Better IS better…

I’m feeling really existential now…is better better?  Damn, there goes the day.

That’s SO Sweat!!!

I actually had to reach through the computer and FORCE Google to search for “sweat heart.”  I think I even saw angry steam coming out of the monitor.  

On the other hand, I did find this gross picture, so…win/win?

photo source.

Seems Legit.

I hear they’re calling this one Golden Trimmings Fun Novel.

Are you a glutton for punishment?

Is the failure of your marriage just not mortifying enough?  Let us put your divorce ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!!!!!!

SUPER SEXY GIRL *(Will be given a name)

ouch.  my feminist hurts.

DEAD Sexy.


um. what.

i can’t even.  with this.  whut.

but like…literally.

I’m not sure if I’m LITERALLY willing to look drop dead gorgeous…let me think about it.

p.s. this reminds me of this amazing bit by David Cross.